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Design squared.

This is a radiator of aesthetic clarity and exceptional presence. The construction of quadratic steel elements makes a powerful, dominant statement.

SET SQ reinterprets familiar industrial aesthetics with a stylistic nod to a contemporary language of form. It also features a sophisticated detail: perforated caps sealing each individual square tube. Designed to be variable, the system provides an efficient heating solution in almost any setting and integrates harmoniously into a modern ambience.

Preturile sunt raportate la culoarea RAL 9016

Modele si dimensiuni Lungime (mm) Inaltime
(euro fara TVA)
SET SQ 635 420 675 575 euro
SET SQ 830 420 845 705 euro
SET SQ 1025 420 1125 845 euro
SET SQ 635 620 880 625 euro
SET SQ 830 620 1100 765 euro
SET SQ 1025 620 1350 885 euro
SET SQ 310 1520 925 595 euro
SET SQ 440 1520 1250 820 euro
SET SQ 310 1820 1075 765 euro
SET SQ 440 1820 1475 1050 euro

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